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"It is my job to ensure, that patients do NOT NEED to see me ..."


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Thomas' Acupuncture Clinic

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My clinic is now 23 years old!!!

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Here I try to provide information about my professional activities as translator and my vocation as acupuncturist.

Although I have been advised against using this statement:

I do NOT have what nobody else has.

I do NOT do what nobody else does

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Recently there has also been an "article" on me in the Kanagawa newspaper:

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A frequently asked question: Can I learn about acupuncture in Japan?

 is a short comment following the latest article "foreign studies"

and for this purpose I also ...

Currently, I am looking for (English speaking) practitioners willing to cooperate to help teach foreigners ...


Thomas' Acupuncture Clinic

Kanagawa-Ken, Miura-Gun
Hayama-Machi, Horiuchi 815
Tel/Fax: +81 - 46-876-3077
Email: thomas-pe@s7.dion.ne.jp 





1)    TBS, first "appearnace on TV", several years old.

2)    JCOM, local TV, celebrating 10th anniversary of my clinic

3)    NHK, national TV, introducing the prefecture Kanagawa 

4)    short film that received the second prize in contest about Germans in Japan