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1)    初めてテレビに出演しました。大分前です

2)    開業10周年祝いにJCOMの番組に出演です。家族や患者も多少出ます

3)    NHKの全国番組に少々顔をだしました

4)    大学生は大学内の映像コンクールのために作ったもの。銀賞を貰ったそうです。

上記の動画は全部私の Google Drive - Public folder にもアップロードしました。ここに掲載されている Windows file 以外に

元々貰った Quicktime Movie files もあります。



In my clinic during an interview for a 

local newspaper. (appr. 6-7 years ago)



My face during an interview
Own picture, with self-time, formal attire           Back to top↑ In my clinic - formal attire; take with self-timer. This too is already a many years old.


This picture was taken by my daugher (a few years ago). I like to sit on that rock and watch the sunset. VERY beautiful from there.


This is NOT meditation. The sitting  position is for safety reasons only, because otherwise the wind may blow me off the rock.


enjoing the sunset from a rock
on a very windy day      Back to top↑ On a very windy day. Enoshima in the back.


              A Torii in the water. In front of Morito Shrine




a torii in the water

Mt. Fuji and Enoshima as the look like in the winter - when there are no tourists.


When the tourists come, they turn the entire landscape into a mountain of garbage!

I use this kind of picture as a wallpaper on my computers.


My clinic viewed fro outside - in autum and during rain.



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The waiting room. Viewed from the treatment room


An old-fashioned way of boiling water; both for the tea and humidifying the air.

I love this.



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AND there is a short film ... that received the second prize during a short film contents about Germans in Japan==>
I am practicing "instant movement"


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Here I am almost "gone" while the camera releases its shutter.


Here I am still VERY young ...


At the age of about 12, as a boy scout.


at the age of about 14, with a Japanese naval soldier who practiced Judo. My first encounter with "REAL" Japanese marial arts.














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At the age of about 20, examination for the first "Dan" in Aikido. That made me (at that time) the 56th person in Germany with a Dan grade.


Fresh in Japan, practicing in "my" garden: Kyudo - the thing I came for ...


Master Tanigawa, who accepted me as a pupil after a word from the priest Koun Suhara.


I had also some fun time on my bike









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For a few years I practiced tea ceremony. Just for my personal fun, not to obtain any of the available licences.



A relatively young couple ....


And now, after more than 20 years clinical practice ...


My eldest son 2-3 weeks after he was born (26 years ago). The other day I was watching this and other pictures with some of my children and one remarked: "the imbalance between the very thick thighs and comparatively thin chest is striking ..." 

This shows clearly, that I am by disposition NOT a runner, but may be destined for the bicycle.




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3年前お祭りのとき。その後また(大分)太った。 / Three years ago at a festival. After that I gained still more ...


今年の春(2010年2月)。現在もう少し落としている。/ In February of this year (2010). After this picture was taken, I lost a little more. By July 2010 about 23 kg altogether.

Is the difference visible?

右の写真: 昨年4月仕事用に「特大サイズの専門店」で買ったズボンです。その時丁度良かった。

picture: I bought that pants last year in April in a shop for extra large sizes. At that time it fit ........  


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Working on a construction site for the construction supervisor as an interpreter.

At the end point of one of my "standard courses". This course is 30-40 km and takes my twice over a mountain I had the greatest difficulties to climb once, when I did that the first time. 


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This is another corner of the same "end point" as above.


A little event organized by the local shop owners, during which I "offered" explanation.

Nobody really wanted to have that explanation ...


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The bridge at the emperor's villa.
This is in a little park on top of the mountain I often cross twice as exercise.

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First shrine visit in 2012. The entire family.


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The whole family gathered for my 60th birthday. That is called in Japanese "Kanreki" and has here a special meaning -> it means one has come "a full circle" since one's birth.



Neulich zu meinem 60zigsten Geburtstag war die ganze Familie versammelt. Der 60zigste Geburtstag ist hier in Japan (aufgrund buddhistischer Vorstellungen) etwas ganz besonderes.

As of April 2017 all children have left our house. That may be sad, but it also offers us a chance to go for a spin without prior notice and without having to worry about the children coming home and NOT finding any prepared meal. THAT is very refreshing. Here my wife and I went a spontaneous day trip to Odawara castle. The picture shows us in front of the cherry blossoms in the castle ground.


Seit April 2017 sind alle Kinder aus dem Haus und "selbstständig". Das ist einerseits etwas traurig, gibt uns aber andererseits die Gelegenheit mal eben so wegzufahren, ohne das wir uns dabei um die Kinder, beziehungsweise deren Abendessen sorgen müssten. Diese Foto zeigt meine Frau und mich vor in voller Blüte stehenden Kirschbäumen auf dem Gelände des Odawara Schlosses, wo wir ganz spontan einmal hingefahren sind.

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View from the little "Shinnase" (place name) harbor a few hundred meters from my clinic. I pass this place everyday on my way to work and back home.

新瀬港 - 毎日治療院に行くと時と家に帰る時ここを通る。                                   

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